Reading Recovery College – some interesting discussions!

Sarah Morland
Author's position
Partnership Manager
Article date
25 October 2016
Primary interest

Reading Voluntary Action hosted a workshop on Monday for organisations and individuals who wanted to hear more about the Reading Recovery College. Thank you to Sue Barton for giving an overview of the college which generated some enthusiastic discussions.

The Recovery College is a joint health and adult social care initiative, building on the programmes delivered by Compass Opportunities.

There are five key principles to the Recovery College:

  • Education – you choose what you want to learn
  • Co-production – each course is developed and delivered by peer trainers with lived experience of mental health problems, with a clinical trainer, mental health practitioner or other professional
  • A safe space – a supportive friendly learning environment where students can share experiences and ideas in confidence
  • Learning support – the college will do its best to meet the needs of students with physical, mental or sensory challenges that may be a barriers to their learning
  • Accessibility – the college is open to anyone aged 18 and over with lived experience of mental health challenges, their friends, family and carers as well as mental health practitioners

The prospectus for Autumn 2016 includes course such as five ways to wellbeing, mindfulness, making sense of voices, understanding medication and more.

Work is underway to agree and develop the prospectus for 2017 – participants at Monday’s workshop suggested many topics such as music for wellbeing, bereavement, preparing for employment, budgeting, healthy eating and many more.  There may be opportunities for partnership working so that local voluntary organisations can be involved in the delivery of some courses.

Reading Voluntary Action is a member of the Recovery College Governance Board – if you have any queries or would like to find out more please email