RCVYS needs your urgent support this week!

Alison Steedman, RCVYS Chairperson
Primary interest
Families and Parenting

At RCVYS we have just been made aware that Reading Borough Council INTENDS TO STOP OUR CONTRACT AT THE END OF JULY. Unfortunately no-one from RBC has informed us of this directly, and we only found out about this from council committee papers. We have less than a week to make as much noise as possible before the decision is made. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

We were also very disappointed to see from the papers that no impact assessment has yet been made to accompany this proposal. In the absence of any consideration of the impact of this decision by officers, we need your help to tell councillors about the impact that RCVYS has made for you, your organisation, and the children, young people and families you work with.

The RBC Policy Committee meets at 6:30pm on Monday 17 July. Before then, we need support from as many as possible of our service users:

  • Please email, write to, and especially telephone as many different councillors as possible to tell them about the difference RCVYS has made for you. You can find out the different councillor members of the Policy Committee and their contact details at www.reading.gov.uk/policy-committee.
  • If you and your organisation have relationships with other councillors please feel free to contact them as well.
  • Please use your own words. It is always more powerful than reading off any prepared script. It doesn’t have to be long and complicated.
  • Please focus on RCVYS as the organisation, rather than any particular individual.
  • Please can you let us know who you’ve contacted or any feedback, so that we can know who has been contacted.

This morning we have delivered and emailed a letter and a copy of our annual report to every councillor, so they should be aware of the issue, and you can reference this in any correspondence.

If you value the support RCVYS provides, it’s essential that you speak up this week!