Our stats are on the up!

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21 July 2014
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The number of people now following @rva_volunteer has crossed the 1000 mark following a concerted focus by the RVA team on using our twitter stream to celebrate Volunteers’ Week and raise awareness of the work of volunteers and the wide range of interesting opportunities that exist around Reading.

We had some great coverage in Get Reading for our Volunteers’ Week activities and lots happening on our website and out in the community. An extra 20 people have signed up for our weekly Monday morning volunteering e-newsletter in the last month, bringing the total to 843.

As well as the public twitterati, Volunteer involving organisations seem to have noticed too and the number of tasks we are listing on our volunteering portal RGneeds.me has hit 150, with organisations seeking around 1500 people to volunteer for everything from gardening to befriending and translation to IT. A bigger pool of opportunities may seem like it increase the competition for volunteers, but actually we have found that the greater the range available, the more likely people are to use the service, increasing the supply of volunteers.

So keep your opportunities coming and remember, if your organisation has needs that you think could be addressed by the right volunteer, then getting your task accurately and appealingly described is really important. Make sure to use ‘keywords’ – the terms relevant volunteers are likely to search under – and if you’re a bit stumped, don’t forget our volunteer advisers are always happy to share their wealth of experience and can provide useful insights based on the work they do advising individuals who want to look for volunteer work.