Nurul’s RVA Youth Experience

Primary interest


Nurul Atiqah Mahadi has just finished a 20-hours RVA Youth project with the Colostomy Association, helping them identify potential Ambassadors to raise the profile of the Associations important work.

Having studied in Malaysia and moved to Reading to continue her studies in Real Estate Management, Nurul explained that, “Having moved to England a couple of years ago, volunteering was for me a way to learn how things are done here and expand my experience of the local community.”

Describing the work she had be doing, Nurul suggested that at first she thought the task would be very easy, however, once starting the project she soon discovered it to be more challenging than she had expected:

“Needing to balance the work I was doing on the project with my other commitments was a challenge…. I needed to manage my time effectively. The project has also helped me to develop my communication skills.”

The project supervisor Niall Norbury was full of praise for the work Nurul had completed. Coming into an organisation you know little of nothing about is always going to present challenges when completing a project in limited hours but Niall was impressed with the speed in which Nurul picked up the basics, going on to say:

“Nurul proved to be an effective and comprehensive researcher, producing a really useful end product that demonstrated both the ability to follow guidance and the use of her own initiative….. It’s a little early to see the impact of her work but it is already informing how we are moving forward in filling the Ambassador role.”

Summing up her RVA youth experience Nurul says she has learned much about what life with a colostomy is like and has found working with the charity very interesting. When asked what she would tell others if they asked her about volunteering she said:

“I would recommend volunteering through RVA Youth to others… it is very flexible and there are a variety of opportunities.”

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