New clerk for Reading Dispensary Trust

Article date
8 August 2016
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

Reading Dispensary Trust’s clerk, Walter Gilbert, and their secretary, Barbara Cope, both retired in December 2015 after over 20 years of service. Harriett Dye has since taken over from them.

The Trust was formed in 1802 when a need was identified to provide medical services to those who were sick and in need. The Trust now makes grants, for equipment and services not available through statutory sources, to those who have a physical or mental illness or disability and live within a 7 mile radius of the centre of Reading. Past grants have included funding for white goods, furniture, holidays and specialist equipment.

The Trust is keen to encourage applications from those who might be eligible. Grant applications must be supported by a suitable professional e.g. GP, Nurse, Social Worker, Housing Officer etc. They also award grants to organisations on an annual basis.

To apply for a grant please download an application form and guidelines from or call 0118 926 5698 on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. Grant applications are approved on the second Tuesday of each month to ensure the minimum delay in applicants receiving support.