New Adult Social Care User Panel

Article date
16 July 2014
Primary interest
Social care

•Have you had experience of care and support services?
•Would you be willing to share your ideas about how to improve things?

Reading Borough Council’s Adult Social Care User Panel is for people who have used care services, or come into contact with these services as family carers. We are keen to work with people who understand the importance of good care and the difference it makes. We want to involve people who’ve had their support arranged with the Council as well as people who’ve made their own arrangements.

No one on the Panel has to take part in anything. Joining the Panel just means you are happy for us to invite you to join us when we want to talk to people with experience of services.

Examples of things we expect to ask the Panel to do are:

– Helping us draft leaflets, questionnaires and information about services so the information is clear and jargon-free

– Taking part in discussions about how well particular services are working and what needs to improve

– Telling us where there seem to be gaps in services which mean some parts of the community may be missing out

– Helping to choose what are the highest priorities for using limited funds

– Joining interview panels to help choose members of staff in certain posts

We plan to use a mix of meetings and email, telephone or other contact to work with people on the Panel. Hopefully, this will mean that anyone who wants to can take part, including people who find it difficult to be away from home.

If you would like to join this new initiative please go to the Reading Services Guide to download the application form and return it to us: