Max receives certificate for his commitment to volunteering

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RVA Intern 2017
Article date
28 July 2017
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Reading Voluntary Action’s Volunteer Development Worker, Steve Hendry, was proud to have the honour of presenting volunteer Max McEvoy with a certificate of appreciation to acknowledge his hard work and dedication. Max has been volunteering  at Sue Ryder Shop Shinfield for almost 3 years, 4 days a week.

Steve added “It was fantastic to meet Max, his enthusiasm and dedication for his work are a real inspiration. He is a fantastic ambassador, not only for the Shinfield shop, but for Sue Ryder as a whole. Praise should also be given to the team at Sue Ryder Shinfield for providing Max with the support he needed to be able to shine”

I had the opportunity to ask a few questions on his experience and thoughts of volunteering.

How did you get involved in to volunteering?

“I first came across the shop as I walked passed. I went in, spoke to the boss and asked about volunteering. They were very helpful and gave me a form to fill out so I could volunteer”

What does your volunteering include?

“At the beginning, I worked out the back and placed prices on the items. I had to organize the items and check if they were good to sell. They came in big plastic bags . The people at Sue Ryder were very helpful and showed me how to do this, now I get to work on the till to.”

What do you get out of volunteering?

“I enjoy working with the people at Sue Ryder as the people are very friendly and the boss is very helpful. I enjoy working on the till and organizing the brick a brack.”

What would you say to someone who was thinking about volunteering?

 “I would say it is enjoyable and you get to work with other people. I think volunteering is good because it is giving back to the community. It’s like leading a double life one minute I am at home with my family next minute I am at Sue Ryder with my second family.”