Lots on offer at the Firtree open day

Steve Hendry
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True of False ?

The most common letter in the English language is E?

The cat flap was invented by Sir Isaac Newton?

This is just a sample of the quiz which is a regular feature of the activities on offer at Firtree. Although I wasn’t too sure about the answers to these, after attending their recent Open Day I can with certainty answer TRUE to the question:

Does Firtree offer a extraordinary range of activities to its members?

And here is a bit more trivia for you: Firtree stands for Friends in Retirement  – Talking, Relaxation, Exercise and Education! It was formed in 1972 by Reg Gostage together with a group of friends. The club currently has some 90 members.

Members of the club can take part in activities Monday-Thursday, including:

  • Bridge
  • Scrabble
  • Table Tennis
  • Craft
  • Whist
  • Movement to Music

And if, as there often is, there is energy left after that they can go on to enjoy many many more.

Cake Time!

I had the pleasure of speaking to one Firtree member, Michael, who explained to me that he books the speakers for the regular talks that members can enjoy. As well as external speakers speaking on such diverse topics as, Red Kites in the Cotswolds and Stonemasonry, the clubs members often share their own experiences.

Sarah Hunneman (RBC Neighbourhood Facilitator for Older People’s Services) commented “Fir-Tree is a great asset to our community, run by volunteers it provides lots of opportunities for older people to keep active and to get involved with social events. They are open to all older people in Reading and have a very caring approach to their members, wanting everyone to feel involved and included.”

The Open Day, a real celebration for the clubs members, was taking place to encourage new members to explore the facilities available at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Tilehurst where, thanks to the generosity of the Church, some of the activities are now hosted. Others continue to take place at the YMCA in Parkside Road.

With membership costing just £20 (September 2016 – April 2017) if you or a family member would like to join in the fun and games contact colindf@btinternet.com for more information.