Juliano’s RVA Youth Experience

Juliano, who is a 1st year Art student at the University of Reading, has taken on a number of RVA Youth projects over the past few months and he stopped by to share his experience with us.  

Why Volunteering with RVA Youth?

I wanted to gain some new skills and experiences. I used to volunteer playing music at my church so I knew about volunteering but wanted to do something different. I was particularly keen to enhance my organisational skills whilst putting to good use the skills I already have.

I saw someone from the RVA Youth team at an event at the University and they explained what it was all about.

I was particularly keen on how the RVA Youth approach offered a greater level of involvement, diversity of tasks and responsibility when compared to some of the more typical opportunities to volunteer.


What are the benefits that this experience has given you?

I have gained knowledge of what it is like behind the scenes of events and projects and a real insight into the hard work that goes into the planning process to make sure events and projects are a success. Developing links with others have also given me the opportunity to learn new skills.

I will certainly look to continue volunteering in the future, it allows you to gain a wider experience of the world beyond your employment or study.


Would you recommend volunteering to others?

Definitely, alongside being a worthwhile thing to do and opening up experiences beyond the standard, volunteering looks good on your CV.

If you want a job in the future that is going to require specific skills that volunteering can help you develop them and to demonstrate you have relevant experience. It shows you as a proactive individual which might help you stand out from the crowd.