It’s Trustee Week! Take a look at news and forthcoming events

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Advice Worker
Article date
9 November 2016
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Voluntary sector

Trustee Week 2016 – “Governance in the Spotlight – stronger charities through good leadership”

It’s the annual Trustee Week this week (7-13 November) and I attended the NCVO Conference in London to hear of news, updates and good practice for the sector. In a series of forthcoming articles, I will summarise keys points to help you as Trustees to strengthen your charities. Topics will include:

– Focussing on Impact – what every Trustee needs to know
– Tightening up of fundraising regulations, including permissions for direct marketing
– New Code of Good Governance (draft) emphasis on leadership and core values
– Conflict of interests (the bad), Decision-making (the good)
– Serious Incident Reports (SIRs) what are these (scope has widened) and how to report
– Converting from a charitable company or CIC to a CIO – regulations not yet in place but imminent
and more…

The articles will be posted in our knowledge base. If you haven’t visited this already, you can find lots of information here from Funding to Safeguarding.

More support for Trustees…

The Reading Trustee Network is back on 24 January! Keynote speakers from local experts on Communicating what your charity does, and employment law do’s and don’ts. Plenty of opportunity for networking with your peers. Click the link to find out more and to reserve your space.

Safeguarding for Trustees training on 6 December

Treasurer Training on 12 December

Trustee Training  on 2 February