Isaac’s RVA Youth Experience

Primary interest

Isaac Donkor has become the latest person to complete an RVA Youth project, helping out the iOpener project which encourages trail-making online so that people can explore the “unseen” Reading.  


Having been told by a friend about their experience of volunteering in the local hospital, Isacc was keen to give volunteering a go:

 “I had some spare time on my hands and wanted to do something worthwhile with it so had a look online and saw the project and thought I would give it a go.”

When asked about his experience of using the RVA Youth service Issac explained,“It was really easy to get involved and the project looked interesting. There were people happy and willing to support which made the process of getting involved simple.”

Like others Issac was surprised by the diversity of opportunities to volunteer that the RVA Youth scheme showcased, saying:

“I was surprised to see an opportunity like this one as I assumed that it would be office admin type stuff. I definitely intend to continue with volunteering in the future.”

Why not explore the range of opportunities RVA Youth has to offer yourself?