How should money collected from new development be spent in local areas?

Reading Borough Council is consulting on how some of the money that is collected from new development should be spent within local areas.

Money for infrastructure is collected from new developments through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  This is a charge based on the floorspace of new developments. The law states that 15% of the money collected must be spent on infrastructure in the local area in which the development takes place. This consultation asks for your views on how this share of the money collected in your local area should be spent.

Reading is divided into four areas for these purposes: Central (Abbey, Battle and Park wards); North (Caversham, Mapledurham, Peppard and Thames wards); South (Church, Katesgrove, Redlands and Whitley wards); and West (Kentwood, Minster, Norcot, Southcote and Tilehurst wards).

Take part in the consultation

To take part in the consultation, please fill in the online questionnaire at by Friday 14 September 2018.  The results of the consultation will inform a decision in the autumn on how the money is spent in each area.

Please contact if there are any queries about the consultation, or about CIL more generally.

(Although 80% of the money collected under CIL is to be spent on strategic infrastructure, this may well still involve spending in your local area.  The Council’s Annual Monitoring Reports (see contain information on CIL collection and spend to date.)