Have your say – RBC’s Homelessness Strategy consultation open until 29 September 2019

Reading Borough Council are looking for your views on proposed priorities for Reading’s next Homelessness Strategy. Your feedback will shape and inform their approach and strategic direction regarding homelessness over the next five years.

The existing Homelessness Strategy is not due for review until 2021. However, there have been significant recent legislative change and significant reductions in the use of emergency accommodation for homeless households since 2016.

A snapshot review of the borough’s existing Homelessness Strategy can be found here including further detail about why they have decided to review and re-draft the current Homelessness Strategy early. The proposed priorities for the next Homelessness Strategy are:

  • Priority 1: Intervening early to prevent and reduce homelessness in Reading
  • Priority 2: Increasing access to decent, suitable accommodation
  • Priority 3: Supporting people who are vulnerable to recurring homelessness

RBC are asking for your views on the three proposed priorities for the borough’s next Homelessness Strategy to see whether or not you agree with them and to determine if there are any gaps they haven’t identified. RBC say: ‘We are relying on you contributing your knowledge, experience and thoughts to ensure that we are tackling the right issues and so that the right improvements are being made’.

Take part in the consultation