Have you heard about Joined-Up Frontline Action?

Author's position
Partnership Manager
Article date
2 August 2016
Primary interest
Social care

Have your heard about the Joined-Up Frontline Action (JUFA) pilot project in South Reading?
The aim of the project is to develop a pathway approach to meet the needs of customers, which becomes a successful partnership across the public, business and voluntary sectors.

The primary focus is on delivering joined-up services to common customers, who are elderly and/or vulnerable, across Local Strategic Partnership agencies
This work is a Local Strategic Partnership initiative, starting with a pilot project in South Reading. The pilot will act as a possible basis for further development and roll-out. The main justifications for JUFA are twofold: to improve customers’ pathway into services, and to meet increasing needs with a decreasing budget.

JUFA places the individual at the centre of everything that is done
The purpose is to ensure that services are driven by customer needs, to make them as effective, efficient and integrated as possible. This ensures that a holistic approach to them as a person is taken, rather than a series of separate services provided by separate agencies. An online referral pathway has been produced to facilitate this approach.

JUFA has been designed by frontline staff, to work for frontline staff
Over 30 representatives – drawn from statutory, voluntary, community and faith sectors who work within South Reading – contributed towards the design and delivery of the pilot, which will go live on 15 August 2016. The aim will be to try out new ways of working, learn fast from successes and failures, and embed the results in new pathways. The pilot will run during August and September, and will be reviewed to ascertain the scope for rolling this approach out across other parts of Reading.

Voluntary sector involvement
Francesca Yates from Communicare is a member of the JUFA Strategy Group and I am a member of the Delivery Group.  A number of voluntary organisations which deliver front-line services to vulnerable clients in South Reading have been and continue to be involved in the JUFA pilot project.

If you would like to find out more please contact sarah.morland@rva.org.uk