Free food and support from Tesco

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Tesco Napier Road is supporting the community in a number of ways, in particular through the work of the store’s community champion, Dee. There are several ways in which Dee and the store can help local charities and community groups and they are always keen to hear from new local charities:

Community champion, Dee and store manager Dan at Tescos, Napier Road

Practical support and one-off donations of food / raffle prizes

Dee can turn up to local one-off community events, muck in and lend a hand and bring along either a raffle prize or refreshments to help your event go with a bang.

Regular food offering

Tesco can give food to a different charity each night of the week. They currently have a regular charity they give to three nights of the week, which means they are looking for 4 more donation recipients. Food is likely to have reached its ‘display until’ or ‘sell by’ date, but not reached its ‘use by’ date so is still perfectly edible but should be used fairly quickly. This food must not be for resale and only for use by the charity or community group.

Overstock goods such as toys

When toys and other goods are removed from the shelves to make way for new stock, at her own discretion Dee and the store can decide how best to distribute the stock. Toys are often donated to local charities or the hospital. Get in touch if you would be interested in your organisation being a recipient of these goods.

If you would like the support of Tesco in any of the above ways, or have another idea how they may be able to help your organisation, please get in touch with Dee directly by phone 07708 405078 or write to Dee Teeka, Community Champion, Tesco Extra, Napier Road, Reading RG1 8DF.