Creating the Right Environments for Health

Ridgeline Therapeutic Garden, one of the case studies in the report

In Creating the Right Environments for Health the Director of Public Health for Berkshire focused on the natural environment as one of the factors that can affect our health and wellbeing.

The report uses a number of local case studies to highlight the ways in which local communities are already using the natural environment to stay healthy or improve their health.

In Reading, 11.1% of adults report suffering from depression and anxiety. “Natural environments can reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and anger. Over longer periods of time, those who live in greener areas are more likely to report good mental health and wellbeing”

Read about how some local initiatives are helping to promote health and wellbeing through the natural environment:

The Ridgeline Trust – therapeutic gardening for people with a range of additional needs including learning disabilities and dementia.

Nature Nurture – connecting urban communities with the nature on their doorstep.

Reading Walks – enhancing the quality of life of Reading residents through community-based walks.

Southcote Growallot – a project of Food4Families primarily for Southcote residents who have no outdoor space.

Reading University – the Whiteknights campus has been voted among the top 10 most popular green spaces in the UK through the Green Flag People’s Choice Award.

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Creating the Right Environments for Health 

Sarah Morland

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