Charities targeted by fraudsters in sophisticated scams

Author's position
Advice Worker
Article date
18 January 2016
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

The Charity Commission has released a warning concerning fraudsters targeting the voluntary sector.

Requests are being sent that appear to be from legitimate suppliers that the charity has had dealings with, asking charities to change the payment account details. The emails often appear to come from the correct email addresses. Should you ever get such a request it’s important that you contact your suppliers and speak to someone you have had previous contact with to ensure the request is genuine. The full press release, along with recommended actions, is available here.

We are also aware of requests for one-off payments that appear to have been sent from the correct emails of senior staff members. As ever with this type of request, authorisation should go through the usual channels and if anything seems out of the ordinary you should check the request is genuine.

If you are interested in developing financial procedures or want any advice about the policies you already have in place you can contact the advice service on