Central Club Building – bidding opportunity for the third sector

Primary interest
Voluntary sector

Proposals must contain plans for retaining the historic mural

Not-for-profit organisations have five months to submit a bid for the Central Club Building on London Street. Application forms will be available from 25 July, with the five-month bidding window opening on 1 August and closing at 10am on Friday 30 December 2016.

Reading Borough Council’s Policy Committee decided on 18 July to dispose of the Central Club Building asset. In accordance with the Third Sector Premises Policy Statement agreed in February 2016, voluntary sector organisations have a minimum period of eight weeks to submit a bid for the property. However, because of the complexity of the Central Club building, this has been extended to a five-month bidding period.

Bids may be for the freehold or leasehold of the property. If no successful bids are received, the property will be disposed of on the open market.



Central Club Building, 36-42 London Street, Reading RG1 4SQ

  • The building is known locally as the Central Club Building. It was formerly the ‘Central Youth Provision’.
  • The building, a former maintenance garage for police vehicles, was converted for use as a community centre in 1978.
  • The large mural was painted in 1990 to tell the story of the struggle of Black people from early days to that period of time.
  • In 2006, the building was closed following serious incidents earlier that year and has remained vacant since then.
  • The building is primarily of single-storey construction, with a two-storey section to the west end of the building. The structure is of load-bearing masonry construction, with about 0.33 thick brickwork with piers to the perimeter walls, an internal structure of steel columns and down-stand steels beams supporting the first floor and flat roof. Several large roof lights are incorporated in the roof structure.
  • The ground floor is 487.29sqm set out as follows: circulation space, a large hall with stage, separate offices and storage space, meeting room, and dining room with kitchen. A steep staircase (not adequate for public use) leads to an upper floor 95.42sqm divided into meeting space, office, and 2 storerooms.
  • There is a skewed overhang attaching the building to the adjacent property at the south-east corner which forms a bridge over the passageway to the side of the property.
  • All but one entrance to the building has been bricked up, and the condition of the building has deteriorated substantially over the last decade.
  • The building is managed as an empty property with no current gas, electricity or water supplies.
  • There is no allocated car parking associated with this property.

Application forms, guidance, scoring and accompanying information are available from: