Can your organisation help distribute surplus food from Tesco?

Gagan Jit Chattha, Project Coordinator Executive (Thames Valley)
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

At FareShare we are running a scheme that looks to redistribute Tesco’s local surplus and unsold food for free.

We use simple technology, provided by our partner FoodCloud, to match charities and community groups directly with a local Tesco store that has unsold food. By all working together we cut down on waste, save organisations money and help provide nutritious meals to people in need.

This is how the scheme works:

  1. The charity or organisation nominates one or more mornings per week that they are available to collect surplus food from their local store.
  2. On the evenings prior to the chosen collection day, at 7:30 pm, they will be notified via text that their donation is available for collection.
  3. The fresh surplus food will be packaged and available for collection from the store from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. Organisations are not obliged to take everything that is available.
  4. The food then needs to be taken back to the registered premises, rather than the staff member’s house.

Food available includes baked goods such as loaves of bread and pastries, fruit and vegetables, chilled goods including meat and dairy products, and other dried goods such as cereals, tins and pasta.

The pilot scheme starts on 3 April 2017. For more details and to register your organisation for the scheme please contact Gagan Jit Chattha on 07539 507426.