Blogging about blogging!


I thought that I had grasped the difference between blogging and writing an article for RVA’s website.

What am I getting right?

I am being chatty and more informal in my approach, my blogs include more of my personal views, and I am using some sub-headings to break up the text.

What can I improve about my blogging?

  • Remember that people are in a hurry and tend to scan
  • Put the key information at the start in case the reader doesn’t get to the end!
  • Find some images to draw the readers attention
  • Make the text legible, avoiding CAPITALS and italics!
  • Be myself – chatty? friendly?
  • Linking to useful resources

RVA ran “Improving your Website & Blog” last which was really useful.  The trainer, Robert Bullard, loves “writing, poring over newspapers and being surrounded by books” and passed on many handed hints to the group.  Many of our Community Journalists were on the course so you can look forward to our collective chatty, personal style in our blogs and articles in the future

More information on Robert Bullard

Let me know how I’m doing!


Sarah Morland

As RVA's Partnership Manager, I seek and develop cross-sector partnership opportunities, facilitating communications between the voluntary sector and statutory agencies. I give advice and support on: planning, developing and promoting services and measuring impact.