Berkshire Maestros relocating to Queen Anne’s School


Local, independent music education charity Berkshire Maestros is to relocate its Caversham Music Centre to Queen Anne’s School from September 2018. The partnership between the school and the charity will bring improved facilities for Berkshire Maestros students while offering pupils at Queen Anne’s access to new musical opportunities.

Previously based at Highdown School at Emmer Green, Caversham Music Centre provides outstanding musical education opportunities for children and young people in the Caversham area. The new, larger centre will initially offer choir, guitar and string ensembles with further groups evolving during the next year offering numerous pathways of progression to intermediate and advanced ensembles, including county level choirs and orchestras. Selected instrumental music lessons will also be available. Initially the new centre will be open two nights each week – Wednesday and Thursday, 4.30pm – 8.30pm.

Children and young people from all parts of Caversham study music every week at the Music Centre with many more students benefiting from music lessons provided by Berkshire Maestros at local schools across the region. It is expected that this number will rapidly expand thanks to the dedicated facilities in the brand new state-of-the-art music department at Queen Anne’s School. The centre provides a large performance space, several ensemble areas and sound-proofed teaching rooms.