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12 May 2015
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This page contains links to all the most recent documents and sources of information for Building Better Opportunities.

Building Better Opportunities funding is for projects delivering against the ‘Promoting Social Inclusion and Combating Poverty’ part of ESF. The funding will be delivered in the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Thames Valley Berkshire area according to local priorities.

Project 1 Supporting families with complex needs  £1,137,500

Project 2 Addressing barriers to work £1,137,500

Project 3 Developing social enterprise £568,750

Only one partnership will be selected to deliver for each project covering the whole of Berkshire for a 3 year period [with potential for a further 3 years to follow]. The partnership applications should be for the full amount of money.

The aims for all three projects will focus on getting people into employment or training and there is specific eligibility criteria for participants –

The 1st stage of the application process will open in June 2015 and close at the end of July 2015. Partnerships selected to proceed to the 2nd stage will be given development funding to support the partnership to a final application. First tranche of delivery is expected to begin in March 2016.

A Building Better Opportunities partner directory has been developed to help you find a lead and potential partners –

Are you interested in being part of a partnership? If so,

  • Contact a lead directly to let them know what your organisation can offer and,
  • Complete this expression of interest form and we will share your details with all the leads we are aware of – and,
  • Email your details and we will add you to the Directory.

Please note – we are sharing information to help partnerships come together. Each lead will have absolute discretion as to who they include in their partnership. Organisations can be part of as many applications as they wish. The CVS [RVA, Involve, Slough CVS, Empowering WB & CCB] will consider taking a lead if there is a priority without a lead or if it would enable greater involvement from local providers.