Adam and Stephanie’s Summer Intern Blog

Stephanie and Adam

Week 1

We were both excited to start our first week at RVA. The week started with a meeting with the National Citizens service about helping their organisation run an educational session on volunteering.   This was a great opportunity to understand more about NCS and the great work that they do. We look forward to meeting our NCS Group next week when we will deliver a presentation on volunteering!

Thursday evening, we assisted Rachel on a workshop on loneliness and isolation. It was an informative opportunity to understand the very real issues of loneliness in Reading thanks to Racheal’s project.

On Friday, we attended a People Plus event to help to raise awareness of the work Reading Voluntary Action does and the beneficial effects on volunteering particularly in relation to career prospects. We met many individuals who were interested and enthusiastic about volunteering and wanted to understand more about the RVA. It was a very positive experience.

We also had the opportunity to meet Natalie from ways in to work to understand more about her role and the organisation and how she supports young people into work and volunteering.

On Saturday Stephanie went to Readipop…

I was invited to attend Readipop with Natalie to support two young individuals with their volunteering role. Our role on the day was to raise money and to hand out the programmes to inform others of the times of the different performances.

On Saturday Adam went to a Befrienders Picnic…

I attended a thank you event for carers and befrienders. I provided support on the day helping set up the event.  I also set up an information stall on different organisations linked to befriending and caring. The event was a success and I was able to meet some interesting people.