7 day countdown to the Social Action Mentors launch!

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Advice Worker
Article date
4 September 2018
Primary interest
Voluntary sector

Social Action MentorsIn today’s world we are connected to others more than ever, through travel, migration and communications such as 24-hour news and social media. When global and national issues seem so large and numerous, how can we make a positive impact on our world?

Social action at a local level

Reading benefits from over 900 community groups and charities, clearly showing that there are many people contributing to social action in our town.

RVA has been collecting stories on social action taking place in our fantastic town through the varied and meaningful actions of those who want to bring about social benefit.

I’ve worked with RVA in signposting community groups to a variety of training and support services including guidance on governance of community groups, access to funding and skills development, like website set-up.

My view of social action is applying grassroots solutions to issues, with the structure and support of policy makers. In truth, ‘no one knows where the shoe pinches, but he who wears it’.

Ngozi Faks, Community Champion, Africans in Reading

Passionate about community? Join us!

This Autumn RVA is launching Social Action Mentors for those who have have links to community groups and would like to help the groups with their governance and how they operate. If you’re passionate about community there’s still time to book onto the Social Action Mentors launch on Tuesday 11 September. 

We’ll also be continuing on the theme of Social Action in Reading at our AGM on 10 October.